Rick's Bio

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Rick Wagner

aka Rick Knapp

aka Rick Sande

(I think Richard is too darn formal!)

Born November 26, 1961 as Richard Knapp and raised in Southern Connecticut.

A man with many different looks.

After mom and my dad Richard J. Knapp divorced, I was adopted by Richard Leonard Sande in 1965

Married in 1979 to Gigi (Georgette) Pelham in Milford, Connecticut and divorced her in 1981 after finding her naked in bed with my so-called 'friend' thinking I was off at the CPI Institute (for my computer mainframe night-school classes.)

Met my first long-term male lover, Kenneth Flyte and we spent 9 1/2 years together in our relationship. Ken later married his husband Phil who recently passed away from lung cancer. To this day, the two of us are best friends and continue to stay in touch via FaceBook.

a RICKSANDE  aka Rick Wagner

While Ken and I were together, I worked on mainframe computers for Perkin-Elmer where I made blueprints for the Hubble Space Telescope, and later for Southern Connecticut Gas Co. where I processed, billed and printed out 14,000 customer invoices single handedly each night unsupervised.

Moved to Southern California for three years in 1987 worked as the IT manager for AVON Cosmetics and lived with Jens Christi then, AST RESEARCH, and mainframe peripheral manufacturer HYDRA SYSTEMS INC. where I did data communication network management technical support.

Moved back to CT broke up with Ken but stayed good friends and met Lenny (aka Earnest Leonard Yanavich.) Bought a house together in Branford, CT and helped him establish one of the largest hair and skin salons in New Haven, CT calledRimage'but the relationship only lasted 6 years because of his alcoholism and our differences.

Relocated to Dallas, TX in 1995 in an open marriage with life partnerWynnand assumed the identity of Rick Wagner after my sexually abusive step-father (Richard L. Sande) died from a cocaine overdose heart attack and I didn' t want to keep the name Rick Sande anymore.


Responsible for creating one of the oldest and largest gay bulletin board systems in the UnitedStates known under such identities as:

FormedDIVANETDATA SERVICES in 1997 which provided upscale internet design and hosting services for large and small companies for 10+ years.

Founder of theTexas BikerPigs- a motorcycle club for gay men.

Senior Product Designer at MysticWays.com for the past ten years.

Member of the Stonewall Professional and Business Association (S.P.B.A.) of Dallas, TX

Extensive 33 year career in IBM mainframes, Micros and all aspects of network and hardware design.

I'm A soft, sensitive pussycat with a fierce exterior that often intimidates and/or frightens those who don't know him. Extremely jaded, out, and very well-adjusted to gay life.


  • Baptism: Roman Catholic
  • CURRENT FAITH: "Catholic Witch" Pagan Alchemist (Wicca, Egyptian, Vodun)

Avid collector of music, and a walking encyclopedia of songs and band titles.


  • Pat Benetar - Hell is for Children
  • Pink - (anything she records)
  • Cirque Du Soleil - Mystere
  • Jimmy Somerville - (all)
  • Bronski Beat - (all)
  • eMOTIVe - (all)
  • Stevie Nicks - (all)
  • George Winston - (Linus & Lucy CD)


  • "There's nothing I can't fix."
  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat… Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  • "Things always happen for a reason be it good or bad."
  • "I wasn't put on this earth just to take up space."
  • "Don't mess with my 'chosen family' and those that I love."
  • "Nobody shatters the commandments better than I can!"