My Friends

Growing up as a child of "tough love" a multitude of people have influenced my life in so many ways. Their nurturing, love, support, caring and unconditional friendship have taught me the true meaning of happiness. It is the "little things" that truly count in life and their contribution is a constant reminder of that. Though this page is far too small to include everyone (and you know who you all are!) I'll do my best to introduce some of them to you.

My Love, My Partner and Husband, Wynn WagnerTen years ago, I loved you from afar though ashamed to admit my feelings for you. I thought I had lost you forever and today I'm grateful that God has given me a second chance to share my life with you. From the music you've played, thesonnets you've recited, or the one written just for me. I cherish each moment spent with you be it an hour, or the next millennium. Most importantly, I'm so thankful to be loved by such a beautiful person as yourself!


Dorian RussellA dear friend who was beaten to death that I used to hang out with on weekends.
Moments before my motorcycle accident in 2002, I rode him down to the TMC bar to be with his partner Manuel who worked nights so the didn't have to spend his grocery money for a cab. He was the last person I saw before I got hit on my way home.In December 2003, he was attacked and robbed by a bunch of anti-gay fag-bashers and died in 2004 from the brain injuries. You can read the newspaper articles here:

The First Article- (Dorian1.pdf)
The Final Article-(Dorian2.pdf)
The Dorian Russell Photo Collection

My Dear Friend ScottYou have made many saccrifices for me and never hesistated to be there in times of need. You have shown me that there are still "good people" out there who do things just because. Saving my life in an almost-fatal boating accident has made me humble and eternaly greatful. Email:

My Party Buddy Gary BrindleWith a questionable look, he’s inspecting my solid marble penis that I got when I was in Cancun.After I giggled for a while I told him that he’d never have to worry about finding a stiff dick as long as I lived in this town.And then we went out for happy-hour hunting for other nasty guys like

And my distant friend Digger (Karl) Muller

Ohhhh, and don’t forget: