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MY WRITING:(The Emotional Passion of the Pen )

Screaming and yelling and/or fighting with the person who’s the focal point usually doesn’t accomplish much when they have no idea of how bad or good they’ve touched your life. But the ability to put that emotion down in a way that others can relate to it gives you the ability to teach others how to love and/or things to beware of along the way in the relationships that they encounter.

I’ve seperated this part into different areas.. One for emotional [P]oetry.. One for [S]tories and one for just plain old [T]houghts or things that make you go hummmm.... There's even a blog with other stuff.

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I learned a long time ago, there’s no better way to vent anger, aggression, sadness, love, caring, or any other type of emotion when you can take the time to write it down in a meaningful way that it can be appreciated by others who read it. As a music freak, I’ve learned that some of the best songs written where done passionately for a reason that connected to others.

Loving The Lover

Painful Deservings

The Scarlet Passion of Possession

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Writing by others…

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