Chaos, Kemet, and Christianity

Chaos, Kemet, and Christianity
by Wynn Wagner

Me: My religion is like a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
The first thing you have to do is figure out the rules all by yourself.

Him: Sounds like Chaos Magick.

Me: Yeah, kind of.

I left the conversation like that.
And yes, it is "kind of" like Chaos Magick from the outside. But it is Way Different the moment you scratch the surface.

My religion -- Kemet -- is lumped together with other reality maps. They are called hermetic, neopagan, alchemy, and New Age. None of those words is really accurate. It is more like Sumerian/Canaanite/Hittite, revised heavily by the Essenes, and codified by the Hellenized scribes at the ancient library of Alexandria.

The most obvious characteristic of my religion is that it is completely practical. The last thing I ask one of my students to bring is some theory from a book. As in Zen, I am interested experience, not in the words that describe it, and never the analysis of anything.

When I say "the first thing you have to do is figure out the rules all by yourself," what I am really saying is this: enter your temple of ThPARTH (Tiphereth) and actively join together whatever you can find in MLKVTH (Malkuth) and KThR (Kether).

What I am really saying is that working the Holy Tree is better than talking about it. Making the effort is the real sacrament. In the end, the effort itself is what counts -- not the choice of pathways, not the end results.

My job in the universe is to be a participant in the divine dance that happens in the center of the Holy Tree of Life.

Kemet is not a belief structure. The word "belief" comes from two Scandinavian words: LIEF (which means "hope") and BE (which means "a great deal"). So "belief" just means you have lots of hope. What kind of religion is that? Adherents say they just sit around and hope for something?


Kemet is the experience of ThPARTH, where MLKVTH and KThR become one through my action melding sentient creation with the Holy Angel, in the presence of The Sacred Watcher. [NOTE: These words don't really describe what is really going on, but they are the closest fit I can find today.]

Heaven has no Earth, and Earth has no Heaven. I have both, and that makes me the melting pot of evolution, with ritual being the catalyst.
Several rituals do this: LCC's Eucharist is one, Kemet's Theurgia is another. What they do can be summed up in the following--

As above, so below.
As without, so within.
As it once was, so it shall be.
As the universe, so the soul.

The main thing I need to do is be willing to be used as a crucible in the divine dance. But this willingness is not a passive posture: this is a rigorous undertaking that requires legwork. It isn't just a sit-back-and-watch kind of willingness. It isn't laissez faire willingness.

Somewhere in the Christian scripture, Jesus tells His followers to get out there and do even greater things that He did. If that is what we are supposed to be doing, we have to walk the pathway of evolution, using sacraments as the framework with ritual being the catalyst. If that is a serious challenge, then His followers are out on uncharted territory where the rules aren't made yet.