I Spin

Contemplation in the New Age
by Wynn Wagner

I Spin

I spin.

Like the earth around the sun, I spin.
Am I trapped or tricked to stay herein?
Be still.

Learn to breathe and watch the breath: be still.
Is "now" eternal, or is it life until...?
In trance.

Like the cat behind the bird, in trance.
Gallivant, prance. Romance enchants.

I spin.

Like the wheel beneath a car, I spin.

I spin, no sin.
I spin, saccharin.
I spin, therein / underpin discipline.
Round and round, I spin.
Through the mud, I spin.
Down the road, I spin.
Like the wheel beneath a car, I spin. I spin.
Round and round, nothing new, bedouin.
Never yin. Only yang, I spin. I spin.
Then it stops.

And I see.

I see that while I was "round and round,"
The car was moving forward.
I didn't know: couldn't know.

With me, on me, because of me:
We've arrived in the prettiest meadow in the world.
But all I saw was "round and round."

For dinky dead-end stuff I do each day,
Is what it takes to run the milky-way.

--Saturday, January 29, 2000