Loving The Lover

Loving the Lover

By Rick Wagner 8/6/07
I wrote this after a sad 5-year bout of loneliness, depression and the loss of friendship with several close people that I thought would be next to me forever. Turns out, I needed to learn how to love and respect myself first, before things could begin to change with others. I dedicate this to my new friends Paul and Ray who helped to inspire me

The evening’s begun and the tasks are all done
Time alone in days past were never meant to last
As I worked away the day quite peaceful

But now a voice cries in the darkened skies
Cold and saddened with absolutely no replies
From the friends who left me abandoned by myself and lonely

I think of the past and I thought it would last
But times have changed as events re-arranged
And I wonder who’s left to love me!

I helped my partners, I helped family and friends
I helped everyone around me during past moments back then
But I never took time in noticing me

To admire and appreciate my ability and charm
How I loved those around me and kept them from harm
Never noticing the harm I created for myself

A depressed little voice filled with pain and despair
Who was loved by many but now sees nobody there
To comfort and heal these wounds of emptiness

A light shines through the fence with an image sad but less tense
As I watch, I see that it’s me in a mirror
Much older, much wiser, and strangely attractive

The student now a teacher with different physical features
Intense love in my heart who appreciates each part
of the creature that’s known as myself.

How foolish I feel never noticing how real
To start loving myself and get off this dying shelf
Filled with antiques and old sordid memories

The past defines who we are seen by others near and far
While reflections resolve and our friendships dissolve
We forget to love that image of ourselves

It is only then we can make a new friend
We can find and enjoy being loved once again
Inside by ourselves and outside by another

Loving and nurturing ourselves should always come first
It is only after quenching this undying thirst
That we can truly and honestly be appreciated by another.

Loving the Lover is an aspect soon forgotten during sex
Emotion is more powerful than bodily function or magical hex
Which lives forever in the minds of others while moving on to the next

Even though lovers come and go not all friendships last forever either
In times like these, It’s important to know...
That Loving yourself, should continually grow.

This eternal love and friendship with yourself is the key
To lasting relationships with others who will ultimately see
Your identity radiates peace and pleasure in a whole new range:

The LOVER capable of LOVING himself, this time, for a change.