Painful Deservings

Painful Deservings

I wrote this after I met a guy named Petros Messinios ( in 2007. I was in Europe and I became deeply emotional over him. I thought that we really had developed a very tight relationship together but later, I learned that I was wrong. I even tried to contact all his FaceBook friends asking them to PayPal money to him so he could eat after loosing his place to live and his job. I learned that he was deceitful, a user, and had done similar things to others. So one night I sat in a bar by myself the week of my birthday and wrote this on my iPhone.

PAINFUL DESERVINGSBy Rick Wagner 11/27/08

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So lonely and so vulnerable I traveled to Europe feeling empty and alone I met you at the now closed Phillbeach Hotel You made me feel at home We spent the night together as just an evening trick And exchanged intense passion enjoying each other's dick

I had a lover but you became number two Never any thoughts of falling in love with you You came to the United States. In June and July of 2008 We didn't have sex, Still I thought we were mates.

Celebrated your belated birthday because you had no family of your own Even took you to Las Vegas for free where we spent more time to roam.

Then you ran to your friends in San Fran early and left us all alone Instead of being a trusting man the rest chills me to the bone.

You turned into a user and blew me off with lies and such
After saying you loved me, how you’d always stay in touch.

I trusted and believed in you Later I learned that I was wrong. You just took advantage of others regularly and you did this all along.

Two Laptops, a Camera, and an iPod I gave to you as gifts I thought they’d help to fill your emotionally isolated rifts.

Then you moved to Sydney and from there you were gone Painfully empty IMs of your senseless hardships all went on.

I learned later you were lying in all that you said. Doing hookups and exchanging photos of more than just your head.

But never had the time to send a single image of your new place. So I sat and waited patiently for five long months in the race.

As you fucked your new friends Your bullshit stories never end. I learned what a true user you turned out to be.

And I hope you Rot in Hell for what you’ve done to me. The karma will be returned! For all that you have done Even your ex-friend Shaq was furious when he learned what you had won.

What he’ll do in return I really don't care But I've learned there is still good people out there. I'll think positive as I continue on, I’m thankful for the memories And not deserving of your cynical fare.

I gave to you compassion and love from my heart And even though I'm just a 47 year old fart, You'll get your returned karma when you turn 40 next June. Your cherished friends will abandon you from lack of interest becoming tired of your same old tune.

Welcome to my world Petros Messinios I hope you Rot in Hell! For not being honest and a tremendously selfish infidel. Each time I cast a circle I'll be sure to ring a bell.

To remind me of my foolishness and strife, And for taking a dip with you in the emotional well of life!