The Scarlet Passion of Possession

Many years went by and I hadn't heard from Wynn. I had often wondered how he was doing and what he was thinking. After a momentary reunion in July of '95, I was left with many mixed emotions and decided to write this from the heart. I was amazed at how time and emotions stood still as if they were patiently waiting for us both.

The Scarlet Passion Of Possession
by Rick Wagner
August, 1995

* As grains of sand fall to mark the course of time
thoughts of you float wildly through the milestones in my mind.

* A scarlet passion of possession more vivid than life itself
harbors ignominious and lustful feelings I simply cannot shelf.

* To touch you, and feel you, hold you close throughout the day
and do whatever necessary to wash painful thoughts away.

* But for me this is selfish pleasure that causes such aching sorrow,
for we belong to different owners and we pray until tomorrow.

* I didn't want it to be this way, I'm ashamed and life's so cruel
to toy with my emotions leaving me feeling like such a fool.

* I've allowed you to enter as I've done with no other man before
through the window of my being and my heart's unlocked door.

* I know that you do love me and right now it's my life's glue
keeping the shards of broken memories and promises together
wondering what I've done to honestly deserve you.

* Was it Accident? Chance? Or fate? I honestly don't know...

* I swear that this time it's really gotten the best of me,
maybe just a brief glimpse in time or predetermined destiny.

* You're bound to my soul like no other man I've known
with thoughts of your love and sensitivity you've shown.

* Someday you'll be mine in a different place and time
and I'll cherish those moments without reason without rhyme.

* I'll sacrifice my own impatience waiting for better times to arrive
* For I now know in my heart that I've always loved you and I always will...