GO TO HELL? Why Bother?

GO TO HELL? Why Bother?
by Rick Wagner 06/23/00

Consider this...

Atheists don't believe in God, nor do they believe in any type of higher power. The majority of them are very analytical and think at a very physical level. When they die, they die, and when they're born, they're born without divine intervention. They have a set of balancing moral standards they they live by but they don't believe in an after life or anything outside of the physical plane of existence and thought.

My boss of 13 years was a true Atheist and after many discussions I find that it works for him but not necessarily for others. Being non-Christian, I seriously doubt he's on the road to Christian hell.

Just like being gay or lesbian, it's important to remember that the best way to combat fear of something is to educate yourself without passing judgment upon the individual.

Dr. Laura says that the pagan/wiccan community is nothing more than a bunch of idol worshipers. This same statement could be applied to the Catholics who worship Christ on the cross and therefore nothing more than a judgmental opinion in her mind. Assuming she's right, this would also mean that the Pope, the Hindu's and Muslims are of a lesser people than herself.

Just because someone doesn't have the same belief system that you do doesn't automatically make them "BAD".

But here's another twist to consider... Much of the worlds religion revolves on one simple but powerful factor... "Balance" The balance of good and evil, the balance of right and wrong, and the balance of night and day.

For those of you afraid of Satanists, chew on this for a second. A Satanist is part of a Christian belief system. Why? because a balance is required which sets down the code of ethics that these people live by. Satan is balanced by Hosanna, whereas good is also balanced by evil. Therefore, as much as people think negatively about what a Satanist does, they still have a line in the sand and a code of ethics that empowers them. When the code is broken, they are dealt with by whatever terms are set down.

Wicca is the practice of Witchcraft, it is the study of Alchemy and Elemental properties that form components of the physical world. As we all learned in science, each and every thing in our physical existence is made up of moving molecules which carry vibrations of different levels. A brick is made from earth, and those molecules are dense and move in a very close knit fashion. A drop of water is made of less dense molecules but the single thing they have in common is they are always in a constant state of movement. Wiccans's believe this movement comes from unseen energy the same energy that floats around in your brain and through your nervous system. They also believe that this energy can be harnessed and changed just as a person's "Will to Live" can prevent them from dying on the operating table even though medical science says it's impossible.

Another interesting thing is that Wicca (or Witchcraft) is Paganism... and Paganism refers to any type of religious thinking that is non-Christian and therefore has nothing to do with Satanic devil worshiping or anything like that. Pagan's don't believe in heaven or hell, and they don't believe in a final judgment for their sins. Why? because the judgment (or Karma) occurrs during the course of living itself. Sort of a "pay as you go" philosophy. Furthermore, many Wiccans believe in an afterlife, but not some kind of euphoria such as Christians. Instead they view life as a ladder of experience and once the lessons are learned and the top of the ladder is reached they transgress onto another plane of existence. If they fail, in their life lessons, many believe they are reincarnated again and again until they have reached a spiritual level that allows them to move on.

OK, so, maybe you think this is all a bunch of hooey. But imagine if Hosanna, is only one of many beings in another physical plane and these beings have physical and psychic power beyond our understanding say on another planet in another solar system. Now throw in other unexplained phenomena such as the great pyramids, stonehenge, and why things seem to get weird during certain planetary alignments would possibly help to enlighten one that perhaps religion is nothing more than a common perspective shared by similar individuals.

Our animal instincts condition us to attack anything we don't understand or consider to be normal. Just like wolves turn on other wolves who are outsiders.

The straight community turns on the gays while the same thing happens in the name of religion.

A statement said by a friend: "I do not understand atheists, do we really need help this bad?" might lead one to wonder the type of help given here. Help to convert? Help to change?

If you're a Lesbian do you also need help in order to not be one anymore? Or does the person making this judgment upon you need help in understanding why things are the way they are?

Religion is a pathway that is traveled. In some cases the individual finds the path, and in other cases the path finds the individual. Either way, whether it's the same path you travel or something quite different you must ask yourself..

  • Is the individual causing harm to themselves?
  • Is the individual causing harm to others?
  • Is the individual harming the physical world around them making this world unusable to others?

If the answer is no, then it's also clear that what another individual does is really none of our business so long as it doesn't harm the course of our own lives.

A very wise statement to think about: "What you think of me is none of my business... It becomes my business the moment the words leave your mouth."

Karma, Prayer, Magick, and even Judgment are manifested the moment thought patterns become speech and register in the minds of someone besides yourself. From there, two minds share one energy pattern, and so on and so on.

If I call you a Bitch behind your back, I release negative energy patterns and project those patterns into someone else's thoughts. No longer is the thought in my own mind, but instead, it's now in two.

If you follow all of this close enough, you can see how hateful Religious wars happen. And it all stems from fear. The same way the Salem Witch trials occurred, and the same way the straight community has been conditioned to view us gay people as deviant and/or a biological error.

Just keep in mind that perfection and balance are very overrated.. When you have such a thing, you give up the opportunity to grow. Growth comes from several things outside of a balanced environment. Such things as chaos, pain, joy, etc. The very things that spark creation and creativity itself.

Being different is essential to growth. Seeing the difference and learning from it instead of sweeping it under the carpet in fear heightens our awareness giving us the ability to experience love for something other than ourselves.

Maybe some of this makes sense, and maybe not. The perception and perspective is entirely yours.

The good news is that we're all still family.