This Fucked-UP Dallas BoyzTown

A Note to my Radical Fae Friends... 6/16/2005

Oh my god/goddess it's amazing to know that I'm not the only one on this fucking planet that "sees the unseen" with all of this.

I heard the stories of the old plantation ranch, and the Dimension Three and the funky stuff that went on in the early days and compared to the lame times now it's sad to listen to these memorial stories..

Now we have "bug chasers" "crystal queens" "tweakers" or how about the closest fuck-buddy you can find that is more interested in jerking off on his web cam rather than really meeting and touching your cock in person. And heaven forbid if his girlfriend or his wife finds out...

Yeah, just like the song by Green Day... we're in the era of the "American Idiot" controlled by the media and brainwashed to the point where we can't even be who we are without their fucked-up permission.

Ok, well your commentary was so damn moving that using my lovely little Apple MAC talents I saved the text and have decided to eventually publish it. Any incriminating names (I don't think there were any... butt...) I'll change

There was a time when I had to fight hard to even use the word Gay in public.. but now, those labels don't matter... I don't give a shit whether you live with a cunt or a cock.. and I don't care what you choose as your "Family" life... But the minute I find out that they're going out of their way to hunt for sexual goodies and then pass judgement and accusations against the very thing they fantasized about... That's when they've crossed the line and that's when the clouds rumble and the lightning bolts begin to strike.

I'll rip off their heads and shit down their neck taking the 3-fold wiccan penalty before I shut up, sit quietly, and do nothing anymore. They didn't call me "Rowdy Rick" at Baylor Neuro-Psych for nothing ya know!

There's a big difference between SEX and LOVE and everyone reading this needs to remember this.. But there's also a big difference between TRUTH and REALITY since reality is a concept of what is "believed" to be the truth.

For a lousy $25 bucks NTRadfae could do a meeting at the gay community center and schedule it on a regular basis. For FREE NTRadfae could add a community announcement inviting others to these events. Best of all, the $25 bucks get's invested in the soup kitchen to help those who can barely afford to buy a can of beans and gives us the ability to "help our own"...

Next, there's all these lovely free internet services that you can hunt for cock... but what about making a "FaggotFlats" yahoo group and encourage the people around here to clean this shithole up. With the queers still left in the Condo's like hamsters in a habbit-trail why the hell don't they go to Home Depot or Big Lots and get a cheap grill and throw a cookout party on weekends to piss off their breeder neighbors reminding them that WE own OakLawn not THEM.. And if they poo-poo and whine, be sure to work within the letter of the condo association's bylaws and if they don't like it, then tell them to get the hell out. "Ta Ta.. Buh Bye"

Now, the tweaker trash.... Like cockroaches they breed in the dark and have rotten things to mutter about us old-farts when they think they can't be heard.. Solution: Grab one by the back of the neck, and whisper in his ear, Just remember, I'm your fucking elder and if you disrespect me again like you just did, I'm going to kick your ass into the next Millennium before you even wake up tomorrow. And if you think I can't do it, I'll make sure to introduce you to the rest of my friends that are watching you right now as we speak which can. You better clean your shit up and behave like a valuable piece of this community instead of acting like the piece of shit you were up until now. Don't underestimate who I know, and how ugly I can make your life if you Diss me and my friends one more time.

Remember boys, Stonewall happened with Drag Queens... not the Norm's or Closet Cases... DRAG QUEENS!

My Husband is a Liberal Catholic Priest and does mass right here on this property every Sunday at in a Church named after a Gay Priest that was killed in 09/11 and he's married to a High Priest who practices witchcraft... yeah Witchcraft which some of these asshole holly rollers point their fingers at and say I'm going to HELL...

I can't go to Hell! Why? because I got caught selling snow cones to the members and was asked to leave. (go figure)

I have to use the goddamn Scooter to get around because I can't remember what fucking gear I'm in when trying to ride a real motorcycle thanks to a 19 year old bastard named Miguel Rodriguez who couldn't even accept responsibility for what he did and say he was sorry.

So what do I do? Do I become a vigilante and deliberately hunt for others like him and put them out of my misery? Do I sit around quietly watching this fine community turn to shit? Or do I find others pissed off to the point that we decide to take back what was rightfully ours and send out a warning that says "Don't Fuck With My Brothers.. Or you'll suffer the consequences like you can't even imagine..."

Do I learn how to use their judgments and attacks toward me like a double edged sword and cut them with their own weapon? Do I go down to the personnel dept. at work and file a complaint against Mr. closeted "Joe Blow" who refused to give me, the "queer" guy, a pay raise while he was sucking his manager's dick in the men's room during lunch? (yeah, the sword cuts both ways... remember that boys!!)

The only time you have to fear being *exposed* is if you're playing the game of "Do as I say, not as I do" and it's time for *US* to start doing as THEY say and use their own weapons to rip some new assholes in their thinking.

So tell me, If I went over to that address listed on the police report of my assailant and found a vehicle with the same license plate and stabbed all 4 tires on his car with my handy dandy Athame what would the 3-fold return be on that? Hummmm... Suppose someone else in the Universe did it already? Should I feel remorse for having the very thought of returning the "eye for an eye" bad luck? Would that make me evil? After all, our new Pope in Rome thinks all Faggots are morally evil so what makes me want to believe what he thinks?

All I can say to all of you reading this is: YOUR IDENTITY AND SELF-WORTH is a very powerful thing. Know who you are, Know your "white light" goodness and those that tell you to think differently without giving you a logical reason for that change in thinking...

TELL THEM TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! And walk away. And if they continue to attack you, then throw the same dart they threw at you back at them but this time throw it so it hits their third-eye to enlighten them with their own painful attacking energy.


Others can feel my aura and they can feel my power just standing next to me and their insecurity and personal fears makes them terrified of me rather than relish in the things I could teach or embrace them with. Jews have the 10 commandments, Witches have the Rede and the Four Tenants of magick. I would never go out of my way to attack or manipulate another for my own personal gain and as a white lighter I will always use my abilities to fix the broken, heal the wounded, and stop the un-stoppable knowing that my legacy lives on as long as it remains a memory in other's minds even if my carbon based body is dead tomorrow.

Guys, I can't tell you what to do. I can't make decisions for you... Like a Farmer, (and just like the rest of you) the best I can do is put my thoughts and ideas into the soil like seeds and the ones that grow, materialize into reality.. and the ones that don't ... well, they don't....

Sure, I can dream of pot luck suppers, and trekking to Judy Garland or Grapevine Lake for events.. But with mobility limitations, and church commitments, and trying to sell pagan stuff all over the country the best I could do is commit to a regular meeting place and time like I've done each week since last January for my Weight Watchers meetings. But if you do things here in Oak Lawn and my friggin deficient short-term memory behaves, I will try to be there in the flesh too.

Now if you'll excuse me.. It's Friday and I have a date with the Hidden Door this evening and maybe I'll get lucky enough to find a decent boinker. But who knows... All I know is that you're all part of my "chosen family" so let's get busy and kick the ugly pendulum of life out and away from the 'bad' zone and into the 'good' zone together and make these seeds start growing.

Love and Light to you all,
--Gossamer, Rick, Orion