GROUND ZERO - End or Beginning?

Ground Zero - End or Beginning?
by Rick Wagner

Ground Zero - We hear the term over and over... Ground Zero is usually refered to as the beginning or "where it all started" or in simpler terms what you have when everythihg else has been taken away from you.

The term means many things to many people but in most cases gound zero is never a happy place to be. The year 2001 brought a whole new meaning to the term ground zero and even as the new year begins, many of us still face painful adjustments to the year past.

Zero is a funny number... It's neither positive nor negative. When you have nothing you have zero.. But in order to know what zero is you must have something to compare it to. The word zero works fine when you're figuring out a math problem but when you're dealing with emotion it's a lot harder to explain.

Zero can also be used as a symbol of balance... Not black, not white, not positive, not negative. As we have learned early on from our childhood, every force has an opposing force and therefore zero is an exception to the rule.

Imagine you were dealing with electricity and you were measuring volts. Now it would be easy to measure +1 volts... And it would be just as easy to measure -1 volts... But how do you measure zero volts. Obviously you would think that zero volts would be somewhere between the positive and the negative. Think again. While there might not be volts, there might be milivolts, or even microvotes but try as you might, you'd have a hard time finding zero. Why? Because in electrical engineering terms, zero is a relative number.. To simplyfy this.. Imagine you have equal parts of black and white paint mixed together... Zero would be exactally 50% relative to the maximum extreme of black and/ or white. Now lets take that to a molecular or atomic level.

So do we ever have zero in our lives? Well, we might think so..but if you're reading this you probably have a bit more than you think.. You would have to be dead to have zero air in our lungs, zero heart beats. zero brain activity. Chances are if you're reading this you might be less fortunate than you were in previous days but you certainly aren't at zero.

A clock pendulum swings from left to right constantly. As long as the pendulum continues to swing the clock will continue to tell time. However, if something were to intervene causing the pendulum to stop dead center (or ground zero) the clock would no longer be very useful in telling time.

The moral to the story is to think long and hard the next time you think you have nothing. What you see may also be the beginnings of something new.

Picture zero as though it were a portal separating or balancing forces. Neither a good or bad place but more like a familiar place where change begins.

Change is usually a difficult thing for people who rely upon order in their lives. But, I guess the alternative to change would be far more permanent and that would be death.

Every day that we’re alive we learn something new... Think about that for a moment.. We learn the name of the girl who scans our groceries, we learn not to trust a “get rich quick” scheme, we learn how to do something new that we’ve always wanted to try. Now suppose we look at our days like they’re a challenge for us to find solutions and added wisdom that we can pass on to others. Now suppose we woke up tomorrow and knew ever single answer to the word “Why?”...

What would be the point in waking up? What would we learn? Sometimes it’s more important to focus on the word ‘HOW” insead of the word “WHY”.. cuz in the end I’m sure all of the answers to why will be explained.. How we deal with the answers is probably more important.