No Say - A Handfasting (Marriage) Poem

A Handfasting Poem For Rick
by Wynn Wagner

No Say

I want to stand and say how I feel for you.
Yeah, right... like there are words.
I scribbled and scratched... and howled a bit, too.
Piled, wadded paper with thoughts absurd.

My words are like a screech;
My poor verse is just a hack.
So I turned to dead poets like a leech.
But not Whitman, nor Bates,
Not Shakespeare, nor even Yates,
None had words that were good enough.
All their rhymes were so much fluff.

Then I saw you in my mind's eye.
And like the hours of the morning, the birds fly
From the earth to the sky.

Thinking on you, the canary sings to heaven.
That's it! I invite you to listen.
Not to words, but to the hymn of birds.

When you hear that chirp, sharp or flat,
Know that it's me loving you with all my being.
In this life, or the next, or beyond even that,
The soaring sound of a song-bird singing.

I'll close my eyes when I hear them say:
No cures.

'Cause I know you won't love me for the rest of my life.
You'll love me for the rest of yours.

--Read at our Pagan handfasting (pagan marriage) ceremony
--Friday, December 17, 1999