You Have No Power Here

Rick Wagner 5/20/00
Dedicated to Rick Tankersley aka. "the cockroach" who was always around when the lights where off with all sorts of fake intentions but always managed to run from friendship and honesty when the lights went back on

You Have No Power Here

I write this on paper rather than tell you from my mouth.

The winds of change blow anger
as they move in from the south.

You're weak, you're small, you twist the words you're given.
Conveniently to match the pain you think you're liven'

Times gone past, the fun ran fast but now the price is due.
For the evil one is nobody else.
Nobody else but you.

Your private hell and your ugly spell, the cross you chose to bear.
As you stand there and point wondering so stupidly why I refuse to hear.

Your pitiful sorrows, the grinding sound of the mind's gear.
Fall upon those who truly matter silently.
When planting contempt in everyone else's ear.

The day's have past and my patience grows thin.
And I don't give a shit what state of mind you're in.

I tried to be your friend and in return my great reward.
Was your submissive obsession that constantly pointed toward.
My life, my love, and my inconceivable sin.

I fucked you for the night and form there you wanted more.
Be gone now Pagan Witch, there's no love here left in store.

I pity the one your black widow/s fangs bite.
Especially when they're only looking for the night.

You'll coddle, and cuddle them and maybe shed a tear.


My Mirrors stand tall, floor to ceiling.
On every wall.

Try as you might to get me.
My mirrors will only protect me.

The reflection of your darkened throw.
"Nevermore" on and on says the black feathered crow.

You've pushed the envelope.
You've attacked your own teacher.
Tried to kick me when I was down.
Like some fucked-up kind of preacher.

My energy surpasses that such as your.
Far and beyond your cronies and your countless evening whores.

The battle is won, the episode complete.
You thought you could beat me.
How foolish to compete.

I take back all I ever gave.
Mine from the start.
Feel free to rant and rave.

Game over, you loose.
No matter which way you choose

Nobody trusts you.
Nobody loves you.
Not even yourself.

Cast all you like, nobody listens.
Just sit there alone wallowing.
While your candle flame glistens.

Fare thee well.
On your merry way.