Warning: This is an adult story depicting gay male sex between consenting individuals.

The “LIVE” Connection
By Rick Wagner

(my story was the winner of the 1985 Backroom BBS NYC Amateur Story Award) The SYSOP, Artie Kohn convinced me to write this fantasy on my Commodore-64 and I had no idea that it would win his contest since it was purely fiction and my first attempt at writing my own erotic gay romance.

It was a cold and rainy night as you got off the train to meet me. I still wasn't sure what to expect. After talking on the phone for so long we finally felt that it was time to meet one another. So, one day low and behold I received a call from you saying that your lover would be here on the east coast for business and you were on your way...

I thought I was dreaming that day. I couldn't believe that after all this time you would finally be here to make my fantasy come true.

You introduced me to your lover briefly but the confrontation didn't last for long. He had an appointment to keep and we were left by ourselves to entertain one another.

First stop, dinner, and then to my place. I couldn't help noticing your raw aura of male sexuality as we sat there making idle talk through dinner. I could tell you were feeling it also as you eyed me up and down.

As soon as we arrived at my place, I grabbed your body and pulled it close to mine. You're much taller than myself and if feels good to look up to you as we share a long passionate moment of embrace. Your lips are chapped from the winters cold but they feel good as they rest upon mine. Warm, moist, and now opening to expose the inner parts of your mouth. I probe my tongue deep into your throat and investigate every area as you do the same with mine.

You sigh with pleasure as you hold me even tighter. I feel your body temperature begin to Rise. Your blood will soon boil, and I know I'll make it happen before the night is through.

But hurry! Danger is at hand. Both of us have attachments. If we're caught, the consequences could disrupt our lives for years to come. Fuck it, tonight your mine and I intend to give you what you so desperately desire.

I slowly unbutton your jacket and drop it to the floor with a thud. The jingling of your house keys can be heard in doing so. Your body is hard and muscular and your shirt fits you tightly around each bulge. I notice each muscle as I work my fingers down each button.

Not a word is said from you but your breathing is heavy. Your body trembles as my fingers glide over your now exposed chest. The hair is long and soft, it falls in perfect form around your nipples only to narrow off and disappear down your Levi's.

I stop working your mouth and move to your right ear where you feel my moist breath warming your flesh. Then, on to your nipples. I tongue each one slowly at first and then quickly dart around each tiny pink circle till they stand erect at attention.

You're sweating, you must be nervous. Tiny drops of perspiration roll down your sides and make their way to the waistband. Relax, there's nothing to be afraid of, as I reassure you. But, you jump as a neighbor slams his car door outside. I kiss you again, this time, more passionate than before. Your body melts in my arms. The sweating continues but I know you are no longer nervous.

I lead you to my bedroom amidst the cool blue satin sheets. It wasn't until I pushed you down that you realize it's a waterbed. The airbubbles gurgle as the waves subside. Then, with great anticipation, I strip before your eyes. Teasing you with every move, I notice the reaction begin in the crotch of your pants. You stare at me, never taking your eyes off of mine as you digest my attractiveness. All the while you continue to tell yourself that this *IS* really happening.

After stripping to my briefs, I remove your shoes and socks and toss them aside. The jeans are what I'm interested in and I go for them next, one button at a time. I lean down over the bed and lick the hair and the material of your briefs as each button reveals more and more of your groin. A light pressure throbs back with every touch of my tongue..

I grab the bottoms of you pantlegs and rip your pants of in one violent move. You look at me quizzically noticing the sudden change of my personality. Then, after a quck slap on the ass, I spring up and retrieve some articles from a nearby dresser drawer.

I tell you to remove the briefs and you do so with a questionable look on your face. Almost frightened now, from the tone of my voice. I throw one of the articles to you and through the dim candlelight of the bedroom you see it's a chrome cockring. PUT IT ON, I say and you instinctively follow my wishes. close to mine.

I leave the room briefly and return with a towel and a can of crisco. You now know what is to come of this night. I intend to work your asshole like no man has ever done before me. Tonight YOU BELONG TO ME! YOU ARE MY FUCKHOLE.

I climb upon the bed and stand with an ankle against each side of your neck. You look up and see the underside of my briefs. Then, I pull them off and let them fall upon your face. You breathe deeply as you inhale the aroma of my crotch. You like the smell of my sweat, my balls, my cock, my asshole.

You watch as I attach my own cockring to my now expanding dick. Mine is a special cockring with sharp studs around it's perimeter. You stare at each chrome stud as the candle flickers causing them to dance in the light.

I straddle your waist and with a cupped hand over each of your pecs squeeze the flesh hard. Your muscles tighten as you brace yourself for pain.

I stretch my arms and slide my body down yours till my face is in your crotch. I kiss your thighs and brush them with my cheeks which are now due for a shave. You love the sandpapery feel of them as they mow the hair with each move.

Now I spread your legs further and begin to tongue your balls. They scream for freedom as the tight cockring stretches the skin making each hair stand on end. They are smooth and silky. Their sweaty aroma drives me into a frenzy as I take both of them into my mouth for a moment then slip them out and gnaw on them with my teeth.

You moan and press my head harder into your groin directing my mouth to your cock. Ohhh no, not yet.. I intend to make this last as long as I can so I simply run my tongue up and down the length of the shaft.

I then, move to your asscheeks soaking them with spit, occasionally bitting them just enough to make you flinch. Then finally I attack your asshole. Sucking at it and pressing my face into it's tightness.

It isn't long before the sphincter loosens a bit and allows me to enter a spit drenched finger. Your eyes roll back and you sigh..

Three fingers later, you are begging me to fuck you. Your dick almost purple and also begging for attention as I open the crisco can and lube your wet hole. I pass you a bottle of poppers and you inhale them deeply.

After applying the lube to my own swollen member I lift your legs over my head exposing your waiting hole. Then, I rub the head of my dick over the opening to prepare you for penetration. You twitch and tremble as my meat slides in.

When your well adjusted to the new sensation I begin to hump my hips. The waterbed makes low gurgling sounds underneath our weight and movement. Slow at first then faster as time goes on. You follow my rhythm and press your ass hard against my pelvic blows as you cock bounces from right to left.

Within seconds I begin to cum. I pound my hips and thrash my body as I growl with delight. Although you are disappointed in my timing you know I am pleased with you. I remove my cock and get off the bed.

You think it's over. THE END. You grab your pants off the floor and begin to get dressed.

WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING? I ask.... You jump at the tone of my voice and reply I'M LEAVING GETTING READY TO LEAVE.

OHHH NO YOUR NOT, GET BACK ON THAT BED *NOW*... you drop the pants and watch me as I open the drawer.

I pull out a triangular shaped object with straps commonly known as a "meat tenderizer". In the center is a large hole and the remainder of it is covered with large spikes. I slide it over my cock and tie each strap to my thighs. You look surprised and wonder what has gotten in to me.

SO, YOU WANNA FUCK DO YOU? WELL YOU'LL GET YOUR FUCK ALRIGHT. I grab your waist and throw you on your stomach. Then you feel it. My hard again cock is now entering your ass again. But now there's something new, pain! A pleasurable pain, you realize that it is the spikes in contact with your asscheeks.

I drive my cock deep into your ass making the spikes hurt you. At times so bad that you cry out. Pleasure overpowers the pain and you once again move to my rhythm. This time our fuck session continues much longer and your ass becomes sore as I satisfy myself. You on the other hand, remain hard and un-serviced. You beg me to touch your cock and make you cum, but, I wont budge. I continue to pump my meat in and out of your steamy hole. Faster and faster till, uuuuuuuughhhhhhh, it's time. I pull out just in time to shower your ass crack with my cum. You collapse below me and I beside you. You whisper in my ear, GOD, YOUR ONE HOT DUDE and I reciprocate with THANKS!

I pull you close to me and my tenderness surfaces through my hard masculine image. I lick your earlobe and whisper very low, NOW I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME.....

A glimmer of light shows up as you smile back at me. You roll over and take charge of me with your mantool. You suck on my tit rings and bite them with your teeth. This sends sparks of excitement through my body and causes my cock to grow once again. God, your beautiful... You've found my pleasure zones quickly. My armpits, my ear, my eyelids, my groin, my asshole. You soak and nibble every inch of my body from head to toe. Your mouth is warm.

You then position yourself with your cock over my face and begin to suck on my tool. I'm teased with the view and quickly take your into my mouth. Your balls rest on my nose as I continue to deep-throat.

Before I get you too aroused, you stop me and apply the lube to your now throbbing member. The veins are now pumped to maximum capacity with your blood and the head oozes a clear, sweet, syrup.

I raise my legs over your shoulders. This position will allow me to see the pleasure on your face as you get off. I direct your cock to my ass.

You move cautiously as not to hurt me, but, I assure you, I've done this before. In moments you are fully inside me. Your cock fills me completely. Large, but meaty and flexible, I can feel the head as it rubs my prostate... Ughhhhh, it's been a long time since I was fucked. I almost forgot how good it felt.

You saw my ass with that huge tool. In and out, I feel the tension build. Your balls in their cockring slap against my asscheeks making a low thud with every stroke. Finally, It's time, Your balls pull up tight in their sac and I can no longer hear their noise against my ass. YEAH, FUCK THAT ASS. GIVE IT ALL TO ME... HARDER COMON BABY... LET ME SEE THAT LOAD OF YOURS.... UHHHHHH YEAH... COMON FAGGOT... DONT BE A WHIMP... FUCK ME... HARDER DAMNIT... YEAH,, OHHHHHH YEAH...COMON BABY... SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT.... YEAH....JACK ME OFF TOO... AHHHHHHH CUM WITH ME....SHIT, I'M....

For the Third time I came and while I thrashed about you pulled your own dick out of my ass just in time to shower me with your load..

The first blast hit my forehead, WOW, the second my tits, and the remainder landed all over my stomach... God, It seemed like gallons, but when you finished you collapsed by my side.





We Dressed in silence, for words could not describe the pleasure we experienced in one another just in time for the arrival of my lover home from work. PLEASE, I said......


After I introduced you to my other half, I took you to the hotel to await yours. As you went to close the door you said, "I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU!"

I nodded and replied, "AND I JUST WANT TO FUCK YOU!"

==============THE END========================