TBI - My Near Death Experience

- by OrionTexas (aka Rick Wagner)

It's really a strange thing when you wake up one evening and learn that you have been in a coma for almost two weeks of your life.

The last thing you remembered was giving your friend a ride over to the Throckmorton Mining Company (the place where his partner worked) and heading home at about 1:30 in the morning.

After finding out all of this information, you also learn that the person responsible for running his stop sign and hitting you had inadequate insurance and little concern for the fact that he almost ended your life in the process. How was I supposed to know that I could die on a motorcycle going 25 MPH? I could understand 55 MPH but not 25...

I came to in a fit of rage and learned that the rage is normal for patients who go through what I did. The therapists and the doctors call it "clearing".

Thank goodness for all of the wonderful people at Baylor Hospital (especially [see picture] the director of day treatment Felicity Sale), and the excellent rehabilitation unit designed for people recovering from strokes and brain injuries. It's been only 18 weeks when I wrote this, but everyone has helped me in learning to walk again, and I'm even able to talk to others without slurring my words. It was tough to show up every day from 9am to 4pm but I have come a lot further than my doctors ever imagined.

Going through the rest of my life blind in one eye and deaf in one ear is going to take some time to get used to, but I'm stubborn and determined to adapt to all of these changes. Most importantly, I'm thankful I'm alive. According to the EMT's 15 seconds longer and I wouldn't be here at all.

Hey, no matter what I'm still lucky to have a one hundred and thirty-six pound puppy that still loves me and will always look up to me for support. During a period where seizures where a problem, he managed to look over me and saved my life twice.

I guess that's a good thing and a sign that he's got faith in my well-being and recovery.

After all, he's got to take care of the one who used the same name as his. ORION, was my motorcycle club member name.

More to come... you can count on it !!

If you want to learn more about Brain Injury treament and issues, then go here:

As for the 19 year old kid that did this to me named
Miguel Rodriguez who never bothered to take responsibility
for his actions or even talk to my famly members.

I wonder if he still lives at 434 Brown St. #163 here in Dallas.

I wonder often about his Karma and what he'll get back for what he did...
What about the kids he might have in the future?
What will he do when someone does the same payback to them?

(aka Rowdy Rick)