How to Contact

Yeah, Yeah, So what, Big Deal!!

For whatever reason, here's the ways you can contact me:

@ OaklawnRick @
...on,Gmail,YahooMailGoogleTalk,Google+,Spotify, Twitter,SkypeandFaceBook

Here, of course:

Home: (214)-699-1126
Work: (773)-969-7842
Skype: (214)-717-5666

I'll add more junk here later when changes occur but in the meantime don't hold your breath. Besides, my family and my chosen circle, nobody really gives a crap about trying to contact me anyhow. Outsiders, ("bless their hearts") are too shy to say hello or they think I'm not soft and squishy enough to approach in a friendly way. How sad to be around peeps with such negative self-identity issues. {{Sigh}}

Duhhh, Hello? Look at the bottom of the page! Find the link that says "OAKLAWNRICK", and just click on it! (or do I have to twist your arm too?) Geez, Ya can lead 'em to water but...

…and ya know, if you decide to send email, you might want to include my name before you call me a butthole, stud muffin, or asswipe cuz the GMAIL spam grabber will probably head you off at the pass and delete your message if you don't.