NudePent Hilda gossomer


Yeah ok, I’m a gay male Egyptian Alchemist Pagan. Yes I'm a white-light healing Witch, sometimes called Gossamer or Ptah, who works with Egyptian Spiritual Knowledge that’s over 6,000 years old.

So please, stop thumping your bible and telling me how I’m gonna go to hell based on your primitive beliefs. Ok?

Assuming your Christianity dates back to about 3,000 years, you have little room to pass judgment upon my 6,000 year old faith so do yourself a favor and save it. Not to mention the male lovers that KING JAMES had sex with too. Don't believe me? GOOGLE IT and learn how narrow minded and brainwashed you really are!

As a White-Lighter, High Priest, Reiki Master-Teacher, and certified Master-Herbalist from the Kemet institute, you can keep your hateful judgement to yourself. Unless you want me to ask the universe to kindly teach you the true meaning of  “Karmic Return”

--Namaste, Love and Light, Blessed Be

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