Scanned Gay Books

Below is a collection of some vintage books I bought many years ago..  Some of them are out of print or pretty hard to find these days so I decided to scan them to share with others who come and visit my site. Add them to your iPad or your Kindle for some extra fun reading.


Gay Decades - by Leigh W. Rutledge is a great book that goes over the history of gay people from 1969 through 1990 [file size=34,598 KB]
The BUTCH Manual - by Clark Henley gives you everything you need to know about being the aggressive macho dude you admire. [file size= 13,990 KB]

The Gay Trivia Quiz Book - by James Aaron will give you all the info you need to kick some serious gay trivial pursuit with your friends. [file size= 17,240 KB]

Men Loving Men. A Gay Sex Guide & Consciousness Book - by Mitch Walker.  This book covers the huge sexual spectrum of gay men and goes over all the different types and techniques of lovemaking. Even though this is a large file, it’s well worth the download wait... [file size= 13,737 KB]
The Gay Book Of Lists - by Leigh W. Rutledge has all different types of interesting lists and historical notes like 12 examples of gays on TV,  5 states that had the harshest penalties for Sodomy, and much more.. [file size= 11,201 KB]