Rick Wagner's Lifetime Video Experiences

Below, you'll find iTunes and iOS device capable recordings that were taken throughout my life as far back as 1990. Originally started with a dinky and expensive Sony camcorder and saved to VHS but morphed into digital formats along the way. Now they're in .M4V and readable on many more devices.

I have no secrets so feel free to peek all you want. Be patient cuz some of them take a while to download and start.. No they're not broken, they're just busy.

Originally, I was going to try and put them up in chronological order but yeah right, like that's ever gonna happen so do you own picking and choosing.

These files are all saved in M4V format making them compatible for viewing on iTunes, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. I did my best to make them as universal as possible so enjoy.

Branford Beginnings 1990

In this video I meet Len Yanavich after my partner of 9-1/2 years, and best friend to this day, Kenneth Flyte separated. I moved to Branford, CT into Lenny's rented house we shared with his lesbian roommate till the investors went into FDIC foreclosure causing us to buy our own home further down the road.

Rick Wagner's 30th Birthday Party

First New Year's Eve in Branford with Len, and good friends Rich and Gary.

This is probably the most remembered Birthday Party I ever had. Lenny and I move in. My ex. Kenny and his family came, Lenny's friends that I never met before arrive. My ex. niece give me a Gay Bob blow up doll and I establish a whole new beginning life in Branford Connecticut.

Brandford New House, Old House, Cut-a-Thon, Fall Hike

We show the old house and also photos from the new house and all the construction work that needed to be done prior to moving in. The Salon Rimage' Cut-a-Thon for Michael Bolton's Mom , and a Fall Hike up Sleeping Giant Mountain. Finally, a wedding for one of Len's Clients.

New Branford House, Carpeting, and Other Improvements

After living on plywood floors for a year, it was time to make more changes.

The Super Huge Branford Christmas Tree

They said we could cut and take home any tree on the lot for $40. They were shocked when we picked this one. We spent a week putting on lights and decorations and then had friends over to help add the finishing touches. We learned that the tree was in fact larger than the one that President Clinton had that year in the White House.

Branford New House Warming and Len Yanavich's BDAY

House Warming Party complete with 100+ guests, Drag Queen Performer, Line Dancing, and gifts for Len's August Birthday.

Carnival Cruise Rick and Wynn 2007

In 2007 Wynn and I took a Carnival Cruise to the Yucatan islands and we decided to go VIP with the best room, the least amount of wait time, etc. Turns out, it took us three hours of standing in line to get on the boat while the others waited six hours. The four star restaurant gave us eggplant parmesan which was missing the eggplant. They canceled two of the port stops and gave us a lousy $50 certificate to spend in their over-priced gift stores. Once we got back home, we swore we would *NEVER* go on another Carnival Cruise again no matter how cheap it was.

Crouching Tiger, Shadowing Doberman 2011

Just some fooling around with my kids in the kitchen. Also known as macho scuba cat, and Gurr'ly Dawg.

Dallas Changes and Connecticut Vacation 2007

After lots and lots of home improvement work, Wynn decides to ship me off to family in Connecticut to decompress for a couple weeks.

Rick's Brother Daryl Double Wedding

On 11/03/2006 my little brother Daryl got married but it was even more unique because he and his friend decided to do it on the same exact day in the same exact church.. Cool huh?

December 2008 in Connecticut

Wynn and I decided to go and spend Christmas with family in Connecticut for the first time in ages. While out there, he also brought his priest garb and offered to do Old Catholic Chiristmas Mass in my sister Tina's living room. All went very nice until friend Scott ran into my ex. Lenny who was also invited but didn't attend and remarked "Who the hell does a Christmas mass on a Saturday" to which Scott remarked "The kind of people who have to be on a plane the following day to do mass in their own church tomorrow." Thanks Scott.. and Pity you missed it Len. So much for peace on earth.

Hawaii Cruise February 2011

Wynn and I decided to take a Cunard cruise on the Queen Victoria from Los Angeles to Hawaii and had a wonderful time. Very relaxing, great food, and lots of great sites on our second trip to the Islands. I even got to see Maui this time and really liked it.

Hawaii Helicopter Ride 2011

This is the video footage they shot during our Hawaiian cruise vacation and helicopter ride on the big island.

Dallas Home Changes 10/20/07

This is a video of all the house changes and elbow grease changes to the outside yard. Hunting for new office furniture. Crushed gazebo and office remodel.

Provincetown trip and Branford House

A quick weekend trip to Provincetown to unwind and then back to the home improvement hell hole in Branford, Connecticut

Rick and Wynn's Queen Elizabeth-II Trip to Nova Scocia from NYC

This was my very first cruise ship trip and got to see and do many things.

Rick Tandem Skydiving in Perris Valley California

My boss convinced me into going to the skydiving drop zone with him and the next thing I know, he and his friends throw me out of a plane and let me fall 12,000 feet…Just can't trust these guys ya know… Give new meaning to "rock your world"

Rick's African Dwarf Frogs

Yup… Bert and Ernie sat on my desk entertaining me for almost a year..

Robert Evans (Drama Bob) Visit to Dallas after Mexico

Yeah the little Princess, Drama Bob stopped by for the night after spending a week with his bro in Mexico and we managed to get some video of him. Isn't she cute?

Texas Snow February 11 2010

How about a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day huh? How about a snow storm in Texas? Cool Huh? So we roast with 100+ in the summer and we freeze in the snow storms of winder… Such Fun!! Woo Hooo

Sister Tina's College Graduation

Rick's Sister Tina and her College Graduation. Believe it or not, even though me and brother have technical degrees in our field of expertise, (and we're both exceptional at what we do) she's the only one in our immediate family with an official dental hygienist college diploma.

Sister Tina and Husband Roman's Wedding

Yeah, even the little crumb crusher squirt finally get's married to a great dude who rebuilds porches for a hobby and does professional photography by day and the one who taught me about Lens to CCD ratio on digital SLR cameras and how 75mm isn't a true 75 unless it's 1:1.

The Wagner's Disk-1

This is some of the first video I shot when I first moved to Texas from Connecticut. This is also the fist house we lived in that was really expensive to maintain and took 2 hours to push-mow the lawn. Later, before the .COM collapse we sold it and moved into a smaller and much older (almost 100 years) joint that was cheaper.

The Wagner's Disk-2

Bits and pieces from life in our current house. Snow, The Eye Of Newt business, and all kinds of other moments.

1994 Vermont Ski Trip

On January 21st 1994 we borrowed mom's 2wd van and rounded up my brother, sister, and some friends who decided to go to Vermont and use my aunt and uncle's cabin that they rented to others during the ski season. Deep fluffy snow is a ski person's dream.

Variety Showcase at the Tin Room 06/27/06

Every Tuesday night they used to have this show at one of the gay bars which included drag queens, fag hags, straight singers, and even some bar patrons. Some would lip-sync and other sang in real time and you never knew what to expect. I took my mom here on one of her visits and she enjoyed the show.

Dallas Home Improvement 2005

Lots of changes to the house… Wynn wanted his office gutted and re-rocked, then he bought a kick ass iMac, then the carpet, then the furniture and on and on…

Gay Pride Parade 2003

Since we live in theDallas-Gayborhood, they have the Gay Pride parade each year on Cedar Springs to Robert E. Lee park. Lots of peeps come from all over to see it and you never know what you're gonna see. This video slideshow will give you an idea of what took place.

Gay Pride Parade 2005

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Throckmorton Texas Weekend

Rick and Joel made a friend named Lynn who lived in Throckmorton and had an unusual talent with taking scrap steel and turning it into cool works of "Yard Art" so they took a trip to his place for the weekend to hang out and learn some new things like how simple it is to use a plasma cutter..

Connecticut Xmas Vacation Dec. 2008

We had to go to Washington DC for some of Wynn's OCC church'ie stuff and from there we took the train to CT to be with family and friends. While there Wynn did xmas eve mass and I invited everyone to attend including my ex partners. Sadly though, Ken Flyte was in the hospital caring for his sick partner who was dyeing of lung cancer, and Len Yanavich who never showed was later overheard at a New Haven gay bar saying "What the hell kind of priest does mass on a Saturday instead of Sunday?" to which my friend Scott replied: "The kind that has to leave that evening to return on a train to Dallas without missing it." Nice, real nice. Now Len can watch it here and see what he missed 3+ years ago.

Peace on earth goodwill towards…. [expletive]

Wynn Wagner's LCC Ordination

This is the video I compiled of my husband's LCC (Liberal Catholic Church) Ordination. Laster, after much controversy, he resigned and joined a century's old group known throughout the world as the "Old Catholic Church" which dates even further back than the Roman Catholic Tradition and even allows women and even same gender people to become priests or bishops. The LCC people should really look to the OCC more as an example instead of an avoidance.

Costa Rica Vacation and Coffee Plantation

This was a fun trip we took to Costa Rica where it rained most of the time but we got to see real coffee beans and how our love of the stuff is made.

The Adventures of Rick and Wynn May 2009

All kinds of bits and pieces here including a trip to fair park for an afternoon.

Slideshow Photos of day before Rick and Wynn's Unofficial Texas Wedding

These are some images taken the day before our Texas wedding ceremony at Saint Mychal Judge Old Catholic Church.

Father Julio Chong Ordination

Father Julio Chong completes his priesthood ordination at Saint Mychal Judge Old Catholic Church.

Kandis George's "Elegant Eve" Birthday Party 4.7.2010

Yeah she's an old gurrrl now and she took the time to show the world that she's not gonna just sit there and do nothing about it. You go Guuurrrrllll…

Archbishop Michael Seneco's SMJOCC Benediction Ceremony

Dear friend I've known over 30 years and happens to be the Archbishop of Saint Mychal Judge Old Catholic Church visited Texas and did this mass in the chapel.

Rick's FireSpinner Friends and Compiled Video Collection

This is a collection of all my FireSpinner friends doing some practice sweeps. I used to work with them years ago as an extinguishing "FireFly" before they started using Duvatine which doesn't need to damp.

Crafty Queers Meetup Jewelry Making

Years ago I formed a meetup group called Crafty Queers and this was one of the meetings where we all made bracelets together. Sadly though, aside from two other members out of 42, I was the only other one who hosted meetings so we closed it down after a year and a half.

Orlando Florida Trip and Church Synod Sept. 2010

We took a trip to Orlando for Wynn's Church Synod (it's where the church'ie dudes get together and have meetings and stuff) Then we went to DisneyWorld for the afternoon before heading back home to Texas.

Grand Luxe Train Trip

Awsome trip on the Grand Luxe before it was shut down permanently to Yosemite, Gran Teaton, Jackson Hole, and other stuff.

Misc Flip Video Shot in December 2011

Christmas Dinner Ham, Wynn's new Xmas Reef Tank, Tom Walker, and other goofy shit.

So there you have it. I guess I've had quite a full life. Best of all, I'm thankful for the good as well as the bad times because it's provided me with a collection of wisdom that I can share with others and not linger on just a pile of painful stuff.

I've learned that there is no such thing as "absolute good" or "absolute bad" in this world and instead we need to find the balance of life that allows us continual growth and learning no matter what age we are. LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE THE PERSON YOU'VE BECOME!